At ChickChat, we’re pros at helping brands figure out What Women Want. Yes, we use proven tools like focus groups, online and phone surveys; but we also have our own set of creative, in-the-moment approaches that get women to really open up and share.


  • Retail Therapy

    Why do women buy the things they do? ChickChat gets accurate, meaningful insights by asking women why they buy products while they’re actually considering and purchasing them. We tag along with women while they shop for groceries, cosmetics, cell phones — pretty much anything — to observe, interact, and learn why they buy. Imagine getting paid to shop!

  • The Girlfriend Lounge

    The Girlfriend Lounge is about getting to know YOU. Truly. Madly. Deeply. ChickChat recruits a group of savvy, connected women (usually about 20) and we take the time to learn what you think on a deeper, more intimate level. To learn about you, we might ask you to post a video online. Or pics of your closet. Or answer a few questions. At the end of the week, the group gathers online to discuss what they’ve posted. It’s like chatting with girlfriends from all over the country.

  • The Deuce

    As women, we’re household CFOs. In the U.S. we make over 80% of the consumer purchasing decisions. The Deuce focuses on the times that our husbands and partners actually get a say in what is purchased. ChickChat provides dinner and drinks to set the stage for the most honest focus group ever. Common sense and couples telling it like it is ~ how refreshing.

  • Brand Party

    This is your chance to meet new brands in a fun, social setting. You sample, see, discuss and learn about a product or service over cocktails and light bites at a swanky lounge or art gallery. It’s a party! Then we sneak in a few 1:1 interviews, mini surveys or focus groups. Brands get real feedback and insights; and you form positive associations with a brand while experiencing it in a relaxed, social environment.

  • ChickChats

    Women are at our most honest when we’re talking with our best girlfriends over a glass of wine or coffee. Think of ChickChats as Girl’s Night In. You invite five of your closest gal pals over. We bring dinner and drinks, and ask for your opinion on all kinds of things, from new ad campaigns to laundry detergent to the latest TV shows. It’s a great way to have fun with your friends while ChickChat picks up the tab.

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