Power of She

ChickChat is all about Giving Women a Voice. Our diverse events give women the opportunity to enjoy a fun night out, connect with like-minded women and learn about topics & issues and non-profits that are changing our world for the better. Our Women’s Research Panel rewards women for sharing their opinions in focus groups and surveys. At ChickChat, we realize the power of women.

Click on the links in the Power Circle below, to discover ways that women can use their voice, opinions, pocketbook and time ~ to make their community, and the world ~ a better place!

Power of She

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” -Diane Mariechild

You appreciate the little things. A glass of wine with good friends. An act of kindness. An uplifting text. These moments matter.

Take YOU, for example. You make a hundred decisions every day. Organic or regular? Sleep in or spin class? Prius or Pathfinder?

Women control 90% of home purchases, 93% of food spending, and 66% of computer choices. More often than not, you choose the car, hospital, bank, and food for your family. Whether you realize it or not, your everyday choices create big change.

This is because more and more, brands adapt to you. You want to nix the corn syrup or get better gas mileage, and poof! Before you know it, Wal-Mart’s going organic and your commute costs a lot less—and that’s no small feat. Best of all, it’s a ripple effect: brands adapt for the better, and all of a sudden healthy, fulfilling options open up for you, your family, your community, and beyond.

You care for your kids. You work hard. You volunteer. You encourage your friends, and lead your community. You rock the cradle, and you rule the world. You are the Power of SHE.

The Growing Buying Power of Women

Women are using their rapidly increasing spending power to impel changes in the way companies operate


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