ChickChat Founder Tracy Klinkroth has a special place in her heart for the Emerald City. This green, luscious land is as full of individual style and gourmet food as it is Starbucks stores (on every street corner. No, really, *every* corner). Seattle has a wonderful mix of stunning scenery á la the Grey’s Anatomy intro, eco-conscious design, indie bookstores, and gourmet restaurants.


We know you need an excuse to don your Burberry rain boots, so come join your Seattle ChickChatters at local spas, boutiques, art galleries and other stylish locales for a fun Girl’s Night Out! A book reading, chic soirée, or seriously amazing speaker is always on the agenda. Come with your bestie or just bring yourself ~ there’s no doubt you’ll meet like-minded ladies who love to have a good time.


Tracy Klinkroth

TRACY Klinkroth

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